Summary video

With this video we want to share some of the moments and the learning outcomes of the project “Rebuilding Lives through Employment”

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Participants’ experiences

39 people working/ willing to work in the youth field from 13 different countries were gathered in Athens for 7 days to discuss about young immigrants/refugees’ unemployment, integration and inclusion in the Labour market. Except for the knowledge and skills they gained on the topic, they had the opportunity to improve their soft skills, to meet new people and to raise their cultural awareness and much more. After these days some of them are sharing with us their learning experiences.

Experience leaflet rebuilding

Youth Workers’ toolkit -Materials created by the participants

The participants of the Training course “Rebuilding Lives through Employment” participated in a series of activities related to young immigrants/refugees’ unemployment, they shared knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas and they were finally invited to work on specific topics and summarize the gained knowledge/information in order to influence and inform more Youth Workers.

Youth workers´ main tools for promoting employability and social inclusion

Strategic partnership Plan

Main conclusions on how to combat discrimination in the work environment

A full circle of organizing a job orientation initiative for immigrants and refugees



First impressions

In –Rebuilding lives through employment– training course we have had different experiences and points of view. We had the chance to get informed about young refugees and migrants unemployment in European countries, how they are welcome and which are their difficulties and struggles to survive in a foreign country. We learned about the european policies by using the SWOT analysis to discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats they can possibly bring.

We also had the chance to know some refugee organizations in Greece, whom explained their projects and their relation with the country. We had the opportunity to exchange our experiences with them and we realized that they have to figure out a lot of difficulties. Thanks to this organizations and the Greek forum of refugees, migrants and refugees have a place to appeal when they need help. They are also supporting them to building their own communities in order to offer help to the newcomers.


About training courses

Mobility Projects for Young People and Youth Workers that can comprise of Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service and/or Youth Workers activities:

About 600.000 young people can go abroad as part of youth exchanges and the European Voluntary Service.

Youth workers’ training and networking supports the professional development of youth workers, through the implementation of activities such as transnational/international seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits, etc. or job shadowing/observation periods abroad in an organization active in the youth field. All these activities are arranged by the organizations participating in the project.

The participation of youth workers in such activities contributes to capacity building of their organization and should have a clear impact on youth workers’ daily work with young people. The learning outcomes should be further disseminated in the youth field.