The Project

The economic crisis strikes the European Union; unemployment has been escalating to record levels with the highest rates being reserved for young people and reaching even 50% in some Member States. In this context, young people with an immigrant background, who are now an integral part of European society, experience much stronger and longer the problem of unemployment than their indigenous peers, as beyond the general decline of job opportunities have to face a series of additional factors that complicate their employability.

In this context, the proposed project has the overall aim to contribute to promoting the
employability of young immigrants/refugees in Europe. To achieve this overall goal the project aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the high unemployment rates of young people with an immigrant background.
  • Enrich the knowledge of people working in the field of youth on the specific needs of this social group and the policies concerning their employability at European and national level.
  • Improve the skills and methods of those active in the field of youth on the creation of bonds of trust, communication and development of competencies and skills of young immigrants.
  • Strengthen youth workers’ capacity for constructive work with local communities, employers and decision makers.
  • Enhance youth workers’ tolerance towards diversity and the effectiveness of their work.
  • Provide opportunities for exchange of views and best practices in a multicultural

39 people working in the field of youth (youth workers, mentors, responsibles of youth organizations, trainers, etc.) from 13 countries, with different cultural, social and economic background, with a strong interest and concern for these issues and characterized by strong need to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field and to share experiences and techniques will be the main group of the activity. They will contribute to the preparation, implementation, evaluation and communication of the activity and its results. Training course will be supported by 2 trainers and 1 facilitator from Greece. They will be gathered for 7 days in Athens and will participate in a series of activities relating to the employability of new immigrants, their special needs, the reasons that make them more vulnerable to unemployment, promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of their abilities and skills, youth workers’ influence on policy making and combating stereotypes and misconceptions about the specific target group.

During the activity will be used non-formal learning methods with the overall methodology being based on participatory approaches, peer learning and creative expression of the participants. All activities are interactive and require the active involvement of the participants for their smooth and successful implementation.

The main outcome of the project will be the raised awareness on the high rates of young immigrants’ unemployment and the empowerment of people working in the field of youth and youth organizations to promote their employability. The improvement and growth of projects and actions on the subject will have the long term effect of creating more job opportunities for young people with an immigrant background and their smoother integration into the labor market, enhancing both their living standards and their social integration.

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